What we offer consumers and citizens

Are you a consumer or citizen?As a consumer you vote for and against Cleantech with your purchasing decisions, particularly in the domain of energy efficiency. It is within your power to value efficiency over design or vice versa.   Your power over the market, and over policy decisions is not to be overlooked.

As a citizen your vote goes to whoever you feel does the best job.  More and more, it seems, you take energy or Cleantech policy into account.  Is your candidate, party or current government for or against nuclear power?

CPI is unique among Cleantech policy firms in providing ample survey and focus group data on consumer and citizen behavior. These days, policy insight can not be had without carefully considering the view from below.  Governments, industry, and start-ups alike ignore you at their own peril.

At CPI, we value your opinions, so please get in touch or express your opinion on any Cleantech policy matter that concerns you, internationally, nationally or locally, directly on this site.


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