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Trond A. Undheim (39), Ph.D., a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, and Managing Director of Tautec Consulting, has over fifteen years of multi sector experience in strategy, policy, communications, academia, and entrepreneurship. Formerly, he was a Director of Standards Strategy and Policy at Oracle Corporation, with wide responsibilities in long-term business development, strategy, public policy and standardization globally and in Europe. Trond is an executive, speaker, entrepreneur, author, traveler and blogger. With a doctorate on knowledge work and the internet in Silicon Valley, he is one of the world’s leading experts on technology and society. He has worked at Oracle Corporation, the European Commission, the Norwegian Government, and founded a start-up. He was awarded an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from NTNU, Norway’s top engineering university, as the youngest candidate at the Faculty. He is multilingual and has lived on three continents. He is always ready for strategic opportunities providing significant intellectual and managerial challenges.

Capitalizing on the Data of Cleantech

Cleantech analytics is moving ahead quickly. Stay tuned.     Advertisements

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Is gas and nuclear greener than renewables?

Interesting take on the green debate, not to be ignored but clearly a bit confused.  See Is Gas Greener by Robert Bryce in today’s NYT op-ed section, where he argues gas and nuclear greener than renewables because of the land use … Continue reading

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Californian Emissions Policy

Opposition to cap and trade, a regulatory tool for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, normally comes from the right end of the political spectrum, where it is derided as “cap and tax.” But in California it is the political left that has … Continue reading

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Which US State has the Clean Energy Leadership?

 According to Clean Edge’s assessment and ranking of more than 70 different indicators in technology, policy, and capital, the top 10 states in the nation are California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Vermont.   See full … Continue reading

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Interview w/Paulo Frankl, IEA, Head of Renewables

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Cleantech Venture Capital in 2015

Related Articles A 2011 Tool Kit for Savvy Cleantech Investors ( When should a startup not accept venture capital? ( The Most-Read VC Blogs: Thanks Larry Cheng of Volition Capital (

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The next big thing in cleantech

What’s next for cleantech? Sunil Paul, founding director of Spring Ventures, thinks it will be the “CleanWeb,” or technologies that leverage the capabilities of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies to address resource constraints. He’ll explain this idea in a talk … Continue reading

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