We are currently recruiting for a VP Software Development, VP Business Development (US), a VP Analytics (Asia), and one or two more senior roles, depending on applicant profiles.

CPI will take on board generalists who write well, who speak well for themselves, and who have strong academic background  (in science, engineering, political science, physics, mathematics, sociology, international relations, science and technology studies, law, business) and who have a few years’ business experience (particularly from IT and energy sectors). Having an MBA is good but not required. If at all feasible in terms of experience and background, we will groom one of the early employees to grow into the CEO role. Compensation will be equity based the first six to nine months. To apply, please email us.

Trond Arne Undheim, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan bio, personal webpage), heads up the Board of Directors and coaches the start-up team in this early phase.

An experienced set of advisers are also backing Cleantech Policy Intelligence (CPI)’s efforts (list forthcoming shortly).


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