Is Cleantech Policy Intelligence unique? YES.  CPI is the only firm in the world that squarely focuses on big data analytics to inform global Cleantech strategy and policy (email us).  This means we are on to something.  Are we the only game in town? NO.  This means we are likely not crazy. That being said, Cleantech policy is a new field, and three myths might exist out there:

Myth I: our insight can be found readily on the Internet.
Myth II: our insight is not needed in the market.
Myth III: our insight is not unique.

Regarding Myth I, if you want to navigate this landscape simply by using search engines on the Internet, please be our guest. But do not expect to win the race.

Regarding Myth II, please consider that policy can make or break your Cleantech efforts, regardless whether you operate in a regulated business or not.  Millions of government dollars, euros and yuans are available for the right project or business at the right time.

Regarding Myth III, be advised that our competitors tend to originate as investors, journalists, generic consultancies with a focus on oil & gas, or as semi-public entities or think tanks, sometimes non profit.  Many of them do know what is going on and have vast resources at their disposal. However, policy is often not their only focus. Now, there is a vast difference between knowing spreadsheets, business lingo and market news and knowing what happens in the circles around Washington DC, Brussels and Beijing.  Sure, many can and do indeed spread the news about things that have happened and can provide commentary. Fewer of us have the capacity to track, predict and position policies using a global, comparative perspective.  Even fewer can present that knowledge in a simple language.

To provide Cleantech policy intelligence, you need dedication, experience, focus, and fresh networks.  CPI has these characteristics. Moreover, CPI is interdisciplinary, IT savvy, and loaded with graduate degrees as well as public policy experience. We are not afraid to simplify our messages and we know today’s executive or policy maker are busy and cannot afford to read pages up and down with definitions before we get to the point.

By taking the unusual step of naming our competitors we want to demonstrate that we have carved out a niche in a competitive and attractive emerging market, addressing Myths I-III:

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA (Abu Dhabi) are non-profits with a somewhat similar focus.


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