About us

Cleantech Policy Intelligence (CPI), an analytics firm and strategic boutique consultancy, solves the need for rapid, fact-based market decisions of players in a partially regulated market of energy and clean technology, where policy incentives may make or break opportunities. We capitalize on recent developments in cloud based big data capture and analysis.

Through strategic policy intelligence reports and a highly accessible and customizable web-empowered dashboard, CPI deciphers and exhibits regulatory and innovation policy incentives, trends, risks and constraints in the clean tech markets.

CPI is rapidly building capability and coverage in USA and the EU plus the key emerging markets of Brazil, India, China, Indonesia and Korea, headquartered in proximity to MIT in Cambridge, Boston, USA, but with a globally dispersed team of public policy, energy and IT experts.

CPI assists both start-ups and established businesses and actors, including multinationals and governments seeking the perfect market entry but overwhelmed by the dense and ever-changing variables in this industry.  Customers can count on CPI intelligence to be reliable for the most recent regulatory revisions, including news on ongoing regulatory proceedings.

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Policy can make or break your Cleantech efforts.